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Our History

Nocella Roofing was started over 80 years ago by an adventurous Italian immigrant who arrived here as a sailor on a cod fishing sailing ship. Erasimo (Ray) Nocella was beached in Philly in the early 20th century, a result of a full catch of baccala (salted, dried codfish) and a storm damaged boat. While repairs were being made, Erasimo got a job as an ironworker on a new bridge under construction, the Ben Franklin. When he was transferred to the roofing crew, Ray, as he was now called, decided to give up the sea and stay in the new world as a roofer. He sent to Italy for his bride and, like all immigrants, went to work. Nocella Roofing was born.

A half a dozen kids later, Ray had a successful roofing business installing slates, copper, slag, pitch and asbestos roofs from first, a push cart with a wood burning pitch kettle, then a horse drawn wagon with a state of the art, hand pump kerosene kettle. At Nocella Roofing, business was good and tempers were short, so most of old Ray's kids went on to start their own businesses, all of them as roofers. Time flies and today, they are all gone and there is another Ray (and son Dan) on the same roofs that Grandpop Ray made so long ago.

Modern roofing has seen many changes from the old ways. Slag, pitch, tar paper and asbestos are no longer used, but still on the roofs in many buried layers. Modified asphalts, synthetic plastics and even soy based materials are their replacements. Our company works with both the very new and the very old. We aren't afraid to go where no roofer has gone before. We've even been awarded 2 U.S. Patents for ice dam prevention devices. We are currently working on drain covers that are self cleaning and ones that will keep water flowing off the roof no matter how much debris covers them.

Our success in this challenging environment is accomplished with a blend of modern technology, time honored craftsmanship, imagination and a profound understanding of that strange, magical, chemical known commonly as water.

Preventing Winter Roof Damage

No one wants a wet Winter holiday. Ice dams affect every roof differently. Call us for simple solutions to your specific dam problems.

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