Green Roofs

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Green RoofIt has been long known that older, large cities generate huge amounts of heat, dirty water and carbon dioxide. None of which is particularly good for us or our planet. One efficient way to help reduce the damage from these "side effects" of civilization is to make better use the sun-lit tops of our buildings. Today in Philly there is a green revolution taking place. People are beginning to use their roofs in a more sustainable and environmentally conscious capacity. Our city’s ancient, overburdened and combined sewer system have forced us to look to the rooftops to help ease the burden of stormwater management. Specialized plants and soil are installed on the rooftops to "harvest" sunlight, hold rainwater and atmospheric dusts. Our green roofs aren’t lawns high up but temporary catch basins for excess rain that the sewers can’t handle. In return, these rooftop plants and gardens produce oxygen, drink water that we pay dearly to treat and cool off the building below and the earth as well.

Layers of a Green Roof

Nocella Roofing is proud to be involved in both the installing and maintenance of these environmentally friendly systems. Currently we are working with local architects and contractors to improve and reduce the costs of green roofing systems to make these simple, natural installations more available to us all.

Philadelphia Green Roofs

Nocella Roofing is very fortunate to be working with Philadelphia Green Roofs, LLC and its founder Jeanne Weber. Jeanne has been our strategic, sustainable partner for several years and deserves equal credit for these and many more green roofs we’ve done working side by side.

Green Roof Facts

  • Green roofs are highly insulative and energy saving during warm months.

  • Green roofs increase roof life span by employing more rigorous building standards, reduce external building noise, and provide habitat areas for birds and wildlife.

  • Green roofs create beautiful spaces for hearty sedums and other succulent-like plants while reducing the average rooftop temperature.

  • Green roofs help remove pollutants from urban air and water and reduce stormwater runoff.

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