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New Roof Installation

Getting a new roof on a flat city house is more than sticking a new layer of waterproof material on top of the last layer. All the roofs ever installed are probably there too and they have to be addressed. We use selective removal of existing layers to re-slope the roof surface to get rid of water puddles and other raised areas that restrict the downhill flow of water. We also seal all of the many brick chimneys by either removal or covering them with a surface layer of trowel applied asphalt cement. The unused (dead) chimneys are capped and properly sealed to keep out water and critters.

When the roofing is finished, we apply a protective layer of aluminum coating to keep the temperature down and prevent sunlight damage to the roofing materials. We finish up with a custom made drain screen to keep out debris and keep the water flowing.

Roof Maintenance

All flat roofs are more prone to damage and leaks than sloped roofs because water, snow and ice spend more time on them than their sloped cousins. The houses are attached by common party walls that share chimneys and sometimes drains. A problem on one side of the party wall can quickly become a problem on the other side. They are also usually unseen from the ground so even a conscientious homeowner will be unaware of a potential leak until it becomes an active leak. We provide our customers with comprehensive maintenance solutions for re-coating, chimney and skylight repairs, debris blockages, ice dams and insurance inspections.

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Prevent Winter Roof Damage

No one wants a wet Winter holiday. Ice dams affect every roof differently. Call us for simple solutions to your specific dam problems.

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